Did Your Pet Swallow a Foreign Object?

Sometimes, your dog will eat something he or she shouldn’t. It can be while they’re chewing on something, or just because they eat whatever you have left out in your house or in your yard.

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While some people smile at dogs being dogs, the truth is that your pet may swallow something that won’t pass right through his system. I’ve heard many stories about objects that dogs have eaten. This includes chew toys, stones, wood, string, crayons, and bones. There’s a good chance that you didn’t see your dog eat this object, and you may not know it’s happened until he begins reacting to it. You’ll need to bring your dog to an animal health center to remove any obstruction that may be harming your dog.

Signs That Your Dog Has Ingested a Foreign Object
You will notice that your dog:

  • Is gagging or vomiting either sporadically or consistently
  • Has diarrhea or mostly loose stools
  • Doesn’t want to eat as much as she normally does
  • Doesn’t want to be touched in the abdominal area either becomes aggressive or runs away
  • Acts tired
  • Has something hanging from either her mouth or her behind
  • Has stopped producing stool

What Kind of Damage Can a Foreign Object Do to Your Dog?
If your dog has ingested something harmful, it could cause a great deal of damage to your pet’s intestines by obstructing parts of the bowel or by interfering with your dog’s blood supply to the small or large intestines.

If you notice the above symptoms, call the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro. Dr. Leffler will examine your dog, ask you questions about your dog’s recent behavior and symptoms, and possibly order an ultrasound and x-rays to determine if a foreign object is indeed lodged in your animal’s intestines or stomach. Depending on where the object is, how big it is, what it appears to be, and your dog’s overall health, we may need to remove the object through surgery.

Dr. Leffler urges you to call the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro if you suspect that your dog has swallowed an object. We can examine your dog right away and determine the next steps so that your pet will be healthy. Call us today at 330-626-4935.