Grooming doesn’t just keep your pet looking good—it’s also important for his or her overall health. Proper, consistent grooming by an experienced groomer can help identify disease, nutrition concerns—even a change in disposition.

Benefits of a Regular Grooming Schedule

Grooming can prevent problems such as:

·       Excessive shedding. If a dog is shedding too much or has bald spots, it could point to a medical issue, a high stress level, or inadequate nutrition. It could also indicate organ disease, fleas, cancer, or allergies. Our groomers are trained to look for these signs.

·       Painful mats in the fur. Sometimes fur becomes tangled, especially on long-haired dogs because of shedding or inconsistent grooming. When this happens, the skin becomes swollen and irritated and causes your pet great pain.

·       Skin irritations. Any kind of bump, rash, redness, or scab should be checked by a vet. These irritations can be caused by an allergy, infection, parasites, stress, or even the climate.

·       Paw disorders. Swollen paws, paw infections, and injuries caused by stepping on something sharp or walking on the too-hot ground can be very painful for dogs and cats.


A grooming schedule every 4-6 weeks will also help identify other problems that might normally be overlooked unless it’s spotted during grooming or a vet appointment. Even a difference in a dog’s normal manner can be identified as a possible problem with an underlying cause that may need to be treated by a veterinarian.


Animal Medical Center Grooming Services

We have comprehensive grooming services available, including:

·       bath

·       blow dry

·       ears cleaned and plucked

·       nails clipped

·       anal glands expression

·       clip of your choice


Our grooming services are available by appointment only, Wednesday through Saturday. Please call us at 330.626.4935 to schedule a grooming appointment. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we love pets and are certain your pet will leave happy, healthy and looking great!