Spay & Neuter Surgery

Female dogs and cats are spayed by removing their reproductive organs. Male dogs and cats are neutered by removing their testicles. In both cases the operation is performed while the pet is under anesthesia. With procedures requiring anesthetics, advanced patient monitoring is conducted.

Patients are monitored closely by staff using state of the art monitoring equipment for heart rate, respiratory rate, capillary refill time and blood pressure. Monitoring these statistics allows for the ability to intervene earlier at the sign of an issue, as well as prevent any anesthetic risk. Your pet is continually monitored from the moment he or she is anesthetized, to the time when he or she fully wakes up. 

Tumor Removal

In many procedures the scalpel can be replaced with the laser to provide a much better alternative. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we offer tumor removal services using this advanced laser technology. A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of light at a specific wavelength. Lasers are ideal for all types of procedures. It is used to correct many common conditions such as tumors, warts and cysts. Many internal procedures are also performed with a laser. 

Dental Procedures

Routine dental care is not only important for your pet’s oral health, but also for his or her overall health. If dental disease is left untreated, it can progress to periodontal disease that can lead to oral abscesses, diseased teeth and eventually can cause damage to internal organs such as the heart and kidneys.

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Teeth Polishing
  • Dental x-rays
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Oral Surgery

One of the most debilitating diseases that your pet can develop during its lifetime is dental disease. Unfortunately, dental disease is also one of the most common problems we see in our patients at the Animal Medical Center. However, there is good news! Through appropriate preventive measures and prompt treatment of problems as they arise, we can deal with these dental problems before they become a serious threat to your pet’s health.

Digital Radiology & Ultrasonography Diagnostics for Medical & Surgical Conditions of Dogs & Cats

Digital Radiology

Radiographs are made using a specialized type of vacuum tube that produces x-rays, from table to computer to iPad for sharing images in the exam room. The contrast image produced enables analyzing and resulting diagnostics. Although digital radiology itself is painless, sedation is often used to reduce any anxiety and stress associated with the procedure, as well as to control pain.


Diagnostic ultrasound involves a special machine that sends high-frequency sound waves into the tissue and then listen for the echoes that bounce back. A computer in the machine determines the timing and strength of the returning echoes, and from them constructs a two-dimensional image of the tissue being studied. By updating the image several times per second the computer can provide a television-like moving picture of the area of interest.

  • Ultrasound is an extremely safe procedure
  • No short or long-term problems associated with the proper use.
  • Ultrasound is a part of the evolution in veterinary medicine