Preventing Dog Ticks

It’s summer, which means that your dog is more likely to get ticks, and the tick-borne diseases that they often carry. In Ohio, especially in the Akron Canton area, we are seeing growing numbers of black-legged ticks, which can carry Lyme Disease, and there are also many American dog ticks and lone star ticks in this area. Dogs that get tick bites can also suffer from anemia, skin infection, or tick paralysis. Be sure that you protect yourself and your pets from these dangerous pests.

What Should I Do to Protect My Pet and Myself?

  • Tick are very small as small as a sesame seed so you may not know that your pet has ticks until as long as three weeks after a bite. You should examine your dog every day or so to look for signs especially if they have been outside during the day.
  • If your yard is hospitable to ticks, remove that habitat. This includes brush, shrubbery, bushes, and leaf piles. If you walk your dog in woods or high-grassed areas, be aware that ticks can be found there. Better yet, keep them in well-mowed areas during the spring and summer.
  • Be sure that your veterinarian performs a tick check on your pet when they are there for a regular appointment.
  • Tick-proof your pets! Use a medication that is meant for tick prevention, such as Frontline Plus, which kills all major ticks, including the ticks that carry Lyme disease.

What Should I Do If I Find a Tick on My Dog?
Ticks must be removed before they transmit disease. You can remove one by:

  • Taking a pair of tweezers and grasping the body firmly, close to your dog’s skin. Pull the tick straight up without twisting, since this may leave the mouth in your dog’s body.
  • Don’t crush the tick or hold a flame to your dog to destroy it, because the tick may burst, further spreading disease.
  • Use a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to clean the bite site. If you notice a rash up to three weeks later, call your veterinarian.

If you live in the Akron-Canton area and your dog is having trouble with ticks, bring him or her in to the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro. Call us today to set up an appointment.