What to Expect During a First Visit to the Vet

Coronavirus Update:

Due to COVID-19, all pets are required to be picked up curbside and admitted through the front door. In most cases, we will ask for you to wait in your vehicle while your pet is being treated.

What to Expect on Your Trip to the Veterinarian

Bringing a new pet into the home is a big decision, whether you already have pets or this is your first one. There are a number of factors to consider when making this decision. From the breed, to how the pet will interact with your family, to the proper care, the list of considerations is long, but taking the time to think through the important details will help you make an informed decision for you, your family, and the pet.

First Visit Protocol

If you’re going through with the adoption process, one of the first things you’ll want to do for your new pet is to schedule a visit with a veterinarian. If you know the date of adoption in advance, it’s a good idea to conduct a preliminary visit to the veterinary clinic where you intend to take the pet. This will allow you to get a feel for the staff, doctors, and overall environment, and schedule your pet’s first appointment. While exact procedures vary from vet to vet and will differ depending upon the age and history of the pet, the first visit is, in general, the same for all cats and dogs. The American Kennel Club website and catstheboss.com list the things you should expect to be done during your dog or cat’s first visit to the vet:

  • The dog or cat will be weighed
  • Heart and lungs listened to
  • Rectal temperature taken
  • Ears, eyes, nose, feet, and genitalia examined
  • Skin, coat, teeth and mouth examined
  • Abdomen and lymph nodes palpated
  • Feces examined (bring a sample) for worms (most pups have roundworms)
  • Pet’s history and future care discussed
  • Vaccinations given if necessary
  • Testing for communicable diseases if necessary
  • Vaccination schedule determined
  • Vet Visits for Rescued Pets

While the above criteria is a standard list of what is done during a first visit, in some cases, specifically with rescued pets, the visit may be a bit different. There are many reasons why animals end up in shelters, so you may adopt a pet with a file full of medical history, detailed information regarding the pet’s personality, likes and dislikes, and former living environment. However, this is not always the case, and the veterinarian may need to conduct a more extensive exam and additional testing in order to determine the overall health of your new pet if you have very little history coming in.

About Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro

The Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro is a full service veterinary clinic that treats pets of all ages and backgrounds. We provide appropriate, informed care for our patients from weeks old to old age. From spaying and neutering to vaccines and dental care, our team of doctors and support staff meets the needs of each dog, cat, small mammal, or reptile that comes to our clinic. If you’ve recently adopted a pet, entrust Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro to provide excellent care for your newest family member. Contact us at 330-626-4935 to schedule your pet’s first visit.

Should I Choose Cryosurgery for My Dog?

If your dog is suffering from cancerous tumors or irritating skin growths, he may be a great candidate for Cryosurgery, an effective, relatively painless procedure that serves as a great alternative to treatments that may require long recovery periods and pose serious health risks.

What Does Cryosurgery Treat?

Cryosurgery, or Cryotherapy, is a minimally-invasive technique used to treat abnormal or diseased tissues such as skin tags, warts, infected or itchy lesions, cysts, and cancerous tumors on pets. Growths on the eyelids and skin, in the perianal area, and inside the mouth and nose have all been successfully treated with Cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is an extremely effective alternative to treatments such as conventional surgery, radiation, or amputation. Dog owners who feel that these more traditional approaches are not suitable for their pet can opt for Cryosurgery. Older dogs, and those who have medical conditions that prohibit surgery, are great candidates for Cryosurgery because the procedure and recovery are simple and quick, and the side effects are minimal.

How Does Cryosurgery Work?

Cryosurgery involves the application of cryogen, or liquid nitrogen, to the area in question. The cryogen “freezes” the area, killing the abnormal cells and halting further growth. The cryogen is applied either as a spray or through a cryoneedle, both of which afford doctors excellent control over the application in order to target the affected area and preserve the surrounding skin. The frozen growth quickly turns red and blisters. Within 2-3 weeks, a scab forms and falls off, revealing healthy, lesion-free tissue in its place. Local or general anesthesia may be necessary based upon the location of the growth and temperament of the dog; however, there are cases in which no anesthesia is required.

How Effective is Cryosurgery?

In many instances, Cryosurgery resolves tumor issues altogether, frequently after only one treatment. Small warts and tumors rarely recur, and cancerous mouth and nasal tumors often go into remission after a single treatment as well. Cryosurgery can also be used in conjunction with traditional surgery in order to improve overall results, target growths in difficult to reach areas, and reduce recovery time.

  • Minimal or no anesthetic required
  • Same-day, outpatient procedure
  • Minimal pain/discomfort
  • Simple recovery and after care
  • Quick healing, no sutures
  • Treats hard to reach/slow-healing areas
  • Can combine with conventional surgery
  • Affordable

The Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro now offers Cryosurgery with Cool Renewal® for pets. If you think your dog might benefit from this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at 330-626-4935 for more information or to schedule an appointment to have your dog evaluated for candidacy.

Aurora, Ohio

The city of Aurora, Ohio is a beautiful suburban area in northeast Ohio that is less than 45 minutes from Cleveland. With about 15,000 people living in the area, and more than 4,000 families, we have a close-knit community that supports all of its residents with a variety of services.

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Community Resources in Aurora, OH

  • Schools. The Aurora City School District has five schools, mostly in a campus setting, with around 3,000 students enrolled. Cleveland Magazine rates the district #10 out of 77 Northeast Ohio communities.
  • Housing. There is ample housing in the Aurora, OH, area, including one, two, and three-bedroom townhomes with open floor plans, as well as new single-home housing plans that offer every amenity for families.
  • Shopping and Restaurants. From outlets with hundreds of stores, to small shops that carry local goods, Aurora has something for everyone. Our local eateries have a variety of delicious foods and baked goods so come in and stay awhile!
  • Parks and Recreation. Aurora has several parks that are great for families, a nature center, recreational sports leagues, and exercise and craft classes for both kids and adults, plus plenty of opportunities to attend community events. We also have best outdoor waterpark in northeast Ohio Wildwater Kingdom, which has water slides, a wave pool, lazy river, and special areas just for kids. Aurora also boasts a theater and library.
  • Pet Services. Aurora has several pet-related services in the community, including kennels, and the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, which is a full-service animal hospital with two veterinarians on staff.
  • Great Location. Aurora is only about 45 minutes from Cleveland, which has world-class entertainment and events. In the summer, everyone enjoys the banks of Lake Erie. You can catch the Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, or Browns, visit the West Side Market, enjoy the Cleveland Aquarium, or have fun at the zoo. And don’t miss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it has hundreds of interactive music exhibits that teens and adults both enjoy.

Aurora, Ohio has many community resources, is in a convenient location, and is a great place to raise a family. Whether you live here or are coming for a visit, we hope that you enjoy your stay in northeast Ohio.