What Should I Name My Pet?

Choosing a name for your pet is one of the less physical parts of animal care for your pet, yet name-choosing can be just as laboring. It may have been easy finding the perfect pet whose personality goes well with yours. But figuring out a name for your pet, to express this personality, can sometimes be an even more difficult task.

Naming your Puppy

The name you choose to give to your pet pal represents your pet’s personality as well as your own; your pet gets the name and associated identity, but you are the one picking and speaking that name for your pet’s entire life. But there doesn’t have to be any pressure in choosing a name. Just as you had narrowed down on which pet is right for you, narrowing down on which name is right for your pet can be done just the same. This is why doing a little research and planning will greatly help your choice of names and level of troubles during the pet-naming process. Here are a few tips to think about, which can help lead you and your pet to its perfectly fitting name.

Consider What You’ll Have to Say Every Day

Do you like short names or long names? Do you like names based off of characters, like Scooby Doo or Sylvester? Or do you prefer original name creations that you have yet to think of? Remember that the name you choose for your companion is one that you will speak every day for the entire life of your pet.

Consider What Your Pet Will Hear Every Day

If you have a pet who you are trying to train on knowing and responding to his or her name, do not choose a name that sounds like other words you often use. For example, do not name your pet Sky or Yellow if you always answer the phone, nearest your pet, with Hi or Hello. Also keep in mind that animals learn their names best when the name is at least two or three syllables this makes it easier for your pet to remember. Names with less than two syllables can be confused with surrounding noises.

What Does a Name Mean to You?

Do you like names that indicate personality traits, such as Sweetheart or Growler? Or do you prefer names representing your pet’s exterior features, like Goldie or Chubs? Know what you want your pet’s name to represent and mean. Answering these small questions can provide great lead-ways into the types of names that are best for you to research for your pet.

There is much that can be done to narrow down on the perfect name for your pet. Taking the above tips into consideration will help you get the right idea for choosing the best-fitting name. No matter what or whom you are basing or creating your pet’s name, keep in mind that a name will be the title of your pet’s complete identity, and part of your own identity too.