Preventing Fleas and Ticks on Your Pets

Spring is not only the season of awakening animals of the wild; it is also the season of awakening fleas and ticks that gravitate toward our not-so-wild pets at home. Fleas and ticks are most active in the spring and summer seasons, which means that now is the time to provide your pet (and your home) with preventative measures against parasites, or to provide treatment if fleas and ticks are already present.

Flea and Tick Prevention


There are numerous types of treatments for tick and flea parasites, such as exterior spot-on treatment and pill medication treatment. Spot-on treatment is a topical treatment that is dropped in between the shoulder blades of your pet. Pill medication is another treatment option that works interiorly to repel fleas and ticks. These methods have proven to yield better results than traditional flea collars. If only one of your pets is showing symptoms of having parasites, still treat all close pets for preventative measure.


Using the above treatment methods before parasites attach to your pet is a great preventative measure against ticks and fleas. If you are planning an outdoor vacation with your pet, for instance, implement one of the above treatments beforehand. In outdoor shrubbery and grass ticks fester, and will surely attach to any pet rolling around in seemingly harmless grass. As mentioned above, treating your home is equally as important as treating your pet if you want to completely eliminate and prevent parasites.

As well as treating your pet(s), it is also important to treat your home in the presence of flea and tick parasites. Area sprays, which are known to work for up to three months, can be sprayed in your own yard at home.

No matter if it be a tick or a flea, no one wants a blood-sucking parasite lingering around. Contact us at the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro for more information on flea and tick treatment and prevention. We’ll help you get your pet back to being flea and tick free and healthy.