Do You Need a Cure for Your Dog’s Bad Breath?

Do you have a good dog with doggie breath that isn’t as well behaved? If doggie breath is in the air, neither your nose nor your pet’s dental health will be happy. As mentioned on Animal Dogtor before, a lack in pet dentistry for your pup can lead to serious dental health problems–not to mention an unhappy canine for you to deal with once issues, like bad breath and worse, do arise.

Animal Dentistry

Pet dentistry may sound like an unnecessary oddity, but dental care for pets is equally as important as a human’s oral hygiene is. If you have unfavorable breath, would you not take to a little mouth cleaning as well? Bad breath for your pup needs treated just the same, especially since bad breath is one of the first signs of bacteria being present in your pet’s mouth. So how can you treat doggie breath for the happiness and healthiness of your dog’s mouth and your own nose?

Professional Pet Dentistry Visits

Having a professional veterinary dentist examine your dog’s mouth is one of the best things you can do to check and keep up with your pup’s oral care. Veterinary dentists, like those at Animal Dogtor, will be able to not only clean away malodorous doggie breath, but they can also determine and diagnose whether that bad breath is simply from plaque build-up or something more serious. Animal Dogtor pet dentistry services range from basic cleaning and polishing, to dental x-rays, extractions and other surgeries, leaving your furry friend fully taken care of.

At-Home Cleaning

Professional exams and cleaning are great, but there is also much you can do at home to help with your pup’s dental health. Things like brushing away plaque from teeth with a tooth brush, and inspecting gum-lines for any inflammation, abnormality or discomfort, can go a long way in ridding of doggy breath, and maintaining healthy oral care in between professional pet dentistry appointments. 

Self-Cleaning Methods

If the doggy breath you are dealing with isn’t stinky enough for a professional inspection but hands-on cleaning isn’t for you, specifically designed chewables such as certain treats and food can help rid of your dog’s plaque buildup and the panting odor emanating from it.

Keeping up with your pet’s doggie breath doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you fear the difficulty of taking a toothbrush to your canine’s canines or are in doubt about dealing with the doggy breath yourself, leave it to the professionals at Animal Dogtor.