Battling the Dander

Some animal lovers are in great desire to have a pet of their own, yet the thought of allergy flares from pet dander make it seemingly impossible. Usually pet lovers are told that their allergy symptoms may be caused from the dander of certain animals, and create too much of a bother for everyday living. But do not let the dander bring you down! Although dander and animal fur itself can cause allergy flairs, it is not impossible to welcome a pet into your home.

The Truth About Pet Allergen Sources & Your Allergy Flares

The phrase allergy-free breeds in reference to house pets is quite misleading. No matter the type of fur an animal has, your allergies are actually triggered by its skin (the dander beneath fur). Each animal, rather than every breed, has a different level of Can-F1 (Canis Familiaris allergen 1) the real cause of your allergy flares. Can-F1 is a protein found within pets’ skin. So no matter the allergen-free type of fur coat your pet has, if its skin has high levels of the Can-F1 protein then your allergies will be irritated.

Dog Dander

Allergen-Free Breeds Are Not Always Free from Causing Allergy Flairs

Allergy prevention is not about avoiding a type of breed when it comes to house pets. If one poodle makes you sneeze, it does not necessarily mean that either all poodles or all dogs will make you sneeze as well. Whether your pup, for instance, is considered to be a hypoallergenic animal or not, the Can-F1 levels within its dander (not the dander itself, in general) are the real cause of allergy flairs.

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