Pet Vaccines

Having your pet vaccinated is just as important as it is for you and the other members of your family to keep up with vaccines. Vaccinations are preventive measures against disease and other illnesses that could otherwise bring on a great deal of discomfort and severe health risks in some cases. Also, animal vaccines help to control disease that can also affect humans. This makes maintaining a vaccine routine important for both pets as well as their owners.

Vaccine Types & Routines

Since there are different types of diseases from rabies, to canine parvovirus there are also different types of vaccinations. And although you should establish a vaccine routine for your pet, it does not necessarily mean getting every vaccine annually. Various vaccines have ranging lifespans to accompany them. Not only that, some vaccines fight against a list of several potential diseases in only a single shot!

Pet Vaccines

Everyone Benefits from a Vaccinated Pet
Approximately every 10 minutes on the globe, a human dies from rabies. Although rabies is a preventable disease, not all pet owners commit to providing the inexpensive vaccination. Not only do pet vaccines benefit your pet such as with the rabies vaccine they also provide benefits to other animals and humans interacting around your pet.

Considering all of these factors together, the importance of pet vaccines should be clearly apparent. From health maintenance to preventative care, the animal dogtor at the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro is here to help with pet vaccines, check ups and more! Call us today at (330) 989–0910 or send an email to for more information on pet vaccines and keeping your pet healthy! You can also visit our caring, experienced staff in person at our medical center on State Route 14, in Streetsboro, Ohio. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we are here to help you and your pets reach optimal health wellness.