Caring for Your Pet this Winter

Winter time is filled with beautiful snowfall, outdoor fun and, unfortunately, danger. Caring for your pet this winter season goes beyond general healthcare maintenance and poor health prevention. There are elements of winter, that are out of the control of you and your pet. From the rest of the world’s toxins, to hidden dangers, it is important not to overlook the thing that may be a normal part of winter to you, but are poisonous to your pet.

-Avoid Winter Time Toxins

Winter is full of toxins, which we all too often overlook. Be it windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, or any other chemical that’s heavily used during wintertime, these toxins can be life-threatening to your pet. Road salt, another common product of winter, can burn your pet’s paws as ice and snow melt from them. Be sure to have your pet wipe off its paws on a dry towel or welcome mat upon entering from the frozen outdoors.

Winter Pet Care Tips

-Beware of Hidden Dangers

Winter weather yields much danger that is often hidden. Once snow and ice accumulate, they can coat but not fill holes and ditches, cover hunting traps and disguise other hazards that neither you nor your pet want to encounter. Keep your pet close to where you are walking, and keep to cleared paths only to remain clear of hidden dangers.

-Don’t Overlook the Little Thing

Along with being mindful about winter dangers, not overlooking the little things as equally as important for animal care. It is automatic to put on your coat on before going into the cold, but is it also a habit to give your dog a sweater in sever cold? Your pets may have heightened senses, but remember that it is you who keeps them warm, healthy and protected.

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