Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

Keeping your pet healthy and comfortable—both inside and out this winter season can be a challenge. Cold temperatures, snow and ice covered pathway all aid in disrupting your pet’s normal, warm-season routine. That’s why your experts at the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro are here to remind you of a few pointers for maintaining your pet’s good health, all winter long.

-Spend Time Indoors, Even for Outdoor Pets

This may seem obvious, but when cold weather comes your pet should spend less time or shorter periods of time outdoors. Many people leave their pets outside for longer than what may be comfortable for them. Establishing new routines for new seasons will take a bit of time to adjust to, but it is important not to let warm-season habits (such as letting your pet outside with no weather protection) slip into winter ways. Whether your pet is the indoor or outdoor type, no animal should be left out in the cold. Also, when your pet brings in melting snow and ice, make sure to keep your pet dry!

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-Remember Your Pet’s Coat Too

Just as humans have hair, to a lesser degree, and still wear coats in the winter time, your pet’s fur coat may need additional help. Your pet’s fur coat simply not be enough to maintain warmth while in the frozen outdoors. Be sure to suit up your pet as well as yourself before heading outside. Be it a walk around the corner, or an extended outdoor adventure, your pet needs to be kept warm and protected from cold weather harm, just as you do.

-Provide Specific Winter Nourishment

It takes more energy to keep warm during winter, so your pet’s hunger and appetite may change. This means nourishment and hydration are extra important for keeping up your pet’s health over the colder seasons. Yet, do keep in mind that since animals get less outdoor time during winter, they tend to get less exercise (just as with us humans). You do not want to overfeed your pets, but rather adjust their food servings accordingly. Also always have a cleaned, fresh bowl of water out at all times, so that your pet can stay fully hydrated.

Paying attention to and following through with these few pet care tips, will alone aid in the upkeep of your pet’s health. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we give the utmost of care to a wide variety of pets, for your convenience and peace of mind. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment, by calling (330) 626–4935, or by stopping in for a visit on State Route 14! We are the best animal medical center near the Akron, Hudson, Canton and other surrounding Ohio locations. And when it comes to your pet and its health, trusting in the care of award-winning experts is the only way to certainly achieve optimal pet care this winter.