Benefits of Laser Therapy for Dogs

August 6, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

As a pet owner, you want to provide your pet with the best life possible. If your pet is in pain or uncomfortable, alleviating this pain is crucial to their quality of life. At Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we have found that laser therapy for dogs has many benefits in promoting healing while reducing […]

How to Prevent Your Dog from Overheating in the Summer

July 12, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

With the summer season in full swing, it is important to take certain measures to keep your dog from overheating. When you are walking your dog, playing fetch, or having fun at the dog park this summer, it is important to be prepared to keep your dog cool.

Managing your Pets Anxiety during Fireworks. Can CBD Oil Help?

July 1, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

With the fourth of July on its way, you will likely be hearing fireworks in your neighborhood soon. If fireworks leave your dog trembling or hiding in fear, you may be wondering what you can give your pet to alleviate this anxiety. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we recommend using CBD oil to […]

Why should you take your dog to the groomers?

May 12, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

While you may be experienced at grooming your pet at home, there are various benefits to taking your dog to the groomer. Having your pet professionally groomed can help you save time and energy. Whether you have a fluffy or long-haired dog, or one with lots of energy or behavioral issues, grooming at home can […]

Zoonotic Diseases: What are they and How You Can Prevent Them

April 21, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

No one likes to get sick, and many of us take precautions in our daily lives like washing our hands, sanitizing the shopping cart handle, or taking vitamins to keep our immune system healthy. While we may think most disease comes from other humans, our pets and other animals can also get us sick.

New Dog Owners Guide

March 19, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

Table of contents: Preparing to bring your dog home Securing your home for your new pet Choosing the right veterinarian Obtain your dog license Training your new dog Keeping your pet healthy Selecting the right dog food Adding a new puppy to your family can be an exciting moment. If you ask any dog owner, […]

Senior Pet Wellness: How to Turn Back the Clock and Keep Your Older Pet Healthy

January 13, 2021 By Animal Dogtor

Table of contents: Senior Pet Wellness Diet for Senior Pets Exercise for senior dogs CBD Therapy for Senior Pets Signs of Aging in Senior Pets Changes in Behavior as a Pet Ages Getting A Senior Wellness Exam for Your Pet   Keeping your pet healthy is your top priority, especially as they age. As your […]

What to Expect During a First Visit to the Vet

November 17, 2020 By Animal Dogtor

Coronavirus Update: Due to COVID-19, all pets are required to be picked up curbside and admitted through the front door. In most cases, we will ask for you to wait in your vehicle while your pet is being treated. What to Expect on Your Trip to the Veterinarian Bringing a new pet into the home […]

Best Flea and Tick Prevention Options

September 28, 2020 By Animal Dogtor

Preventing fleas and ticks for your dogs is crucial to keeping them happy and healthy. These pests can carry diseases such as Lyme disease or tapeworm as well as bacterial diseases, some of which can transfer to humans as well. Bites from fleas can lead to flea allergy dermatitis, which can cause itching that lasts […]

Lesser-Known Summer Dog Dangers

August 29, 2020 By Animal Dogtor

With summer in full swing, there are a variety of dangers that your dog is susceptible to when enjoying the great outdoors with you. From heat to sand, there are a few lesser-known dangers for pet owners to be aware of and watch out for during the summer months.