Although regular vet visits for exams and vaccines are essential to your dog’s health, going to the vet can be stressful for your dog. At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we’ve put together a guide to help you ease your pet’s anxiety prior to their next vet visit.

Tips for Preparing Them Before the Appointment

Help Them Get Comfortable with Touch
Nervous DogYour dog is not naturally comfortable with their ears, belly, feet, or nails being touched, so they need time to get comfortable. Take time each day to practice these actions with your pet. This will help them get accustomed to these actions and make them more at ease when they go to the veterinarian.
Get Them Used to the Car
If your dog is not already used to car rides, it’s important to take them on several short car rides before their appointment to prevent them from being anxious about the car ride on top of the vet visit. You should also make sure that they are comfortable with their crate if you plan on using one for travel.
Take Them for a Visit to the Vet’s Office Ahead of Time
If you are able to, bring your dog to our office ahead of your appointment to allow them to become familiar with the sounds, scents, staff, and other animals. This will help your dog form a positive association with our office.
Try an Anxiety Aid
There is a variety of anxiety aids on the market that you can use to help calm your dog, including:
  • CBD oil
  • Calming supplements
  • Pheromone sprays
  • Pressure wraps
  • Herbal supplements
  • Calming collar
Try some different aids for your dog before their vet visit to see what works best for them.
Keep an Eye on Any Symptoms
Since your dog can’t talk, be sure to pay close attention to them and make a note of any issues or symptoms you’ve seen so you can relay the information to your veterinarian.

How Can I Prepare Them for the Day of the Appointment?

On the day of the appointment, there are several measures you can take to keep your dog calm, including:

Let Your Dog Exercise 

Allowing your dog to exercise before the visit can help them with a variety of behavioral issues. Exercising your dog before the visit can help tire them out and relax them before their appointment.

Avoid Petting Your Dog

If you notice that your dog is nervous at their visit, try to avoid petting them or talking to them. This will reinforce their anxiety because it will appear as if you are rewarding their anxious behavior.

Bring Along Their Favorite Treats

By having their favorite treats on hand, you can use them to encourage your pet. Be sure to avoid feeding your pet right before their office visit.

Ready to Make An Appointment? We Can Help!

If you have questions about anxiety in pets or would like to schedule an appointment for a check-up, contact the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro today!