As many people return to the office, pets will be left at home alone for extended periods. Whether you got your pet during the pandemic or had them beforehand, your pet will likely need to adjust to you going back to the office.
At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we’ve put together some tips to help you ease the separation anxiety that may occur in your pet when you head back into the office.
What is Separation Anxiety?
Travel CrateSeparation anxiety is sued to describe dogs that are overly attached or dependent on family members. They will become extremely anxious and show distress when separated from their owner in ways such as:
  • Vocalization
  • Destruction
  • House soiling
Dogs who have separation anxiety will typically try to stay close to their owners, follow them around the home, and will rarely spend time outdoors alone. Signs of anxiety will begin as their owner prepares to leave home. During separation, the dog may experience shaking, shivering, restlessness, refusal to eat, excess salivation, or quietness/acting withdrawn.

Ways to Ease Post-Pandemic Separation Anxiety in Your Pet

There are several ways you can prepare your pet for your return to the office, including:

Depart the Home Quickly

When you are getting ready to leave home, do so quickly. Prolonged goodbyes with your pet can increase their anxiety. By keeping goodbyes low-key, you can help your pet stay calm and teach them to worry less while you are gone.

Create a Place in the Home Where They Feel Safe

Dedicated a place in your home as a safe space for your pet, such as a utility room or crate. Make the area comfy with a bed, water, and their favorite toys. You can also practice leaving your pet for a brief amount of time by giving them a treat while you go to another room. Return to the room and release your pet with no fuss. Allow your pet to adjust and gradually stay away for longer periods as they get used to their safe space.

Keep Your Pet Active in Both Mind and Body

When you exercise your pet, they will find it easier to relax when you are away. Make sure to play fetch and take a long walk each day to help them burn off some energy. You can also set up food dispensing toys or puzzle toys that they can play with while you’re gone.

Turn on the TV or the Radio

Background noise like the TV or the radio can help soothe our pets. For added peace of mind, you can install a pet camera to monitor your pet while you are away.

Maintain a Consistent Routine

When you go back into the office, it is crucial to establish a routine with your pet. This will help them relax as restrictions lift, and you are out of the home more often. Be sure to take regualr walks, playtime, meals, and alone time now before you return to work.

Leave Your Scent Behind

Leave a blanket or shirt with your pet in their crate or safe space. This can help comfort your pet while you are away.

Want to Learn More About Separation Anxiety? We Can Help!

The expert team at the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro can help you better understand and treat separation anxiety in your pet. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!