Whether you are taking your dog to walk in the park or driving them to their vet appointment, it is essential to take specific measures to keep your pet safe when transporting them in the car.

Don’t Drive Distracted by Your DogTransporting Your Dog in Your Car Safely

Aside from keeping your hands on the wheel and off your phone, it is also essential to eliminate the distractions that your dog can cause while you are driving. Your pet should always be restrained when riding in the car, whether in a carrier or with a harness that keeps them from getting into the front seat.

This will help keep your pet off of your lap, which can cause distraction or could cause you to struggle to maintain control of the vehicle.

Keep Your Dog Away from the Airbags

By restraining your pet in the backseat, it will also protect them from the impact of the airbag in the event of an accident, which can cause severe injury or death to your dog. Smaller dogs in the front seat are at risk for going through the windshield or into the dashboard if not restrained.

Keep Your Dog’s Head and Paws Inside the Vehicle

Although many pets like to put their head out the window while riding in the car, it can be dangerous for them. This can cause irritation to their mucous membranes and can lead to pieces of grit being blown into their eyes. They are also at risk for having insects or debris stuck in their windpipe or nasal passages, which may require a veterinarian to remove it and could lead to permanent damage.

Don’t Transport Your Dog in an Open Truck Bed

It is estimated that roughly 100,000 dogs die each year being thrown from a truck bed due to a sudden stop, turn, or start then being hit by oncoming traffic. In an open truck bed, your dog is not protected by the elements, leading to burnt paws or even heat stroke. Some may think leashing their dog in the truck bed could be safer, but this is not the case. The leash can strangle dogs if they are tossed over the side of the truck.

If transporting your dog in the truck bed is necessary, be sure to put them in a crate and secure it to the walls of the truck bed. Also, be sure to provide your pet with some protection from the weather.

For more information on how to safely transport your pet, contact the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro today!