Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro Offers 20% Price Reduction on Dental Services

This January and February, Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, OH is offering a 20% discount for all pet dental services. Dogs and cats will receive a tooth and gum assessment and full dental cleaning with necessary tooth extraction at this special rate. Appointments for this popular offer are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but they fill up quickly. Interested pet parents are encouraged to contact the center as soon as possible at 330-626-4935 to secure a spot.Dental Care for Dogs
While some pets can go multiple years without needing dental work, the average cat or dog should receive a dental exam and cleaning once per year. Aside from the obvious perk of better breath, a dental cleaning leaves your pet with healthier teeth and gums and helps to protect them from heart and organ problems caused by bacteria build up inside the mouth.
Prior to the cleaning, pets undergo pre-anesthesia bloodwork to ensure they are healthy enough to be anesthetized. Throughout the cleaning and exam, the pet’s heart rate and breathing are monitored. Once anesthetized, your dog or cat’s teeth will be ultrasonically scaled to rid the surfaces of tarter buildup. Dr. Leffler performs a health assessment of teeth and gums and extracts any diseased or damaged teeth. To finish up, teeth receive a thorough polish.
Dental cleaning is an outpatient procedure with pets dropped off in the morning and ready to return home at the end of the day. Animal Medical Center also offers a brushless gel for home maintenance to prevent further tarter buildup.
To schedule a dental appointment or to get further information, contact Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro at 330-626-4935.