Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer time with your pet is filled with pleasant open window car rides and outdoor excursions. Yet it can also be filled with excess heat and visits to animal medical centers if you and your pet are under prepared. From internal to external threats of summer, whether causing minor discomforts or major issues, your pet is at risk. Summer pet care should be taken seriously for the health of your beloved pet, all season long.

Ready Your Pet for Summer with Proper Grooming& Pest Prevention Care

Simple grooming techniques and preventative measures will help greatly in preparing your pet for a new season of hotter temperatures and all else that comes along with that. For pets’ fur coats for instance, these will help to keep them cool, but too much fur will be counterproductive. This, along with general hygiene care, makes proper grooming and trimming imperative during hot days of summer. Also, treating fur coats with pet-specific repellant will greatly decrease their risk of catching heartworms from mosquitos, as well as preventing the contraction of fleas and ticks.

Summer Pet Care Tips

Be Aware of & Prepared for Handling Specific Medical Issues

Know of any specific health issues that your pet may already have, and prepare for related flare ups. For instance, if your pets have breathing problems, which often accompany flat-faced pets such as pugs and bulldogs, be sure that you know what to do if breathing difficulties were to arise. Symptoms of this issue in particular greatly increase when both temperatures and humidity levels increase as well.

Prevent Paw Pad Burns, & Heatstroke

Be aware of where you are taking your pets for walks. Outdoor areas with concrete, asphalt and other non-grass coverings may be too hot for your pet to walk upon, and will burn their paw pads. Also while outside, pay attention to your pet’s temperature resistance as well as your own. Chances are that if you get too hot, your pet has already been overheated. Heatstroke and dehydration are huge concerns for primarily your cat and dog pets. Though preventable and treatable, heatstroke and dehydration can be fatal with miss-care or lack of treatment.

Maintain good health of your pet all season long, throughout the entire year. Visit or contact our animal medical center now for more information on summer pet care and other seasonal protections. We can help advise you on the best care techniques for your pets to keep them at their healthiest.