Caring for your Nervous Pet

As many dog owners are aware, one of the biggest fears for many dogs is going to the vet. Today we will explore a few ways that we can ease the tension when of when a dog needs to go visit the veterinarian.

Don’t be a Stranger to your Veterinarian

If the only time you ever go to the veterinarian is when the staff needs to examine the dog, the dog’s natural instinct will be one of fear and tension. Bring your pet by once in a while when you are out and about with your dog to stop by the office for some treats and attention. This can break the association with going to the veterinarian with stress, needles, and temperature checks. Our staff loves to see their healthy patients stopping by for a social call.

Nervous Pet Care

Timing is everything

One thing you can do to alleviate stress is to schedule your visit as early in the morning as possible. This ensures that there is the minimal amount of wait time involved. Also leave early for your vet visit. This is more for the pet owner. Some times things take a little longer than others to happen with a pet involved. Removing the added pressure of time will drop your stress in the situation and will reflect on your pet.

For High Anxiety Pups

Some of our patients get particularly stressed for their trip to the veterinarian. For them, we may need to take some additional steps to make them as relaxed as possible for this trip. Adaptil is a calming pheromone for dogs, sometimes it helps to spray a little into their crate when bringing them in. For the most stressed dogs out there there is a medical alternative that you can administer at home.

Our staff at the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro love working with all dogs, even the most nervous of the bunch and our staff has plenty of experience working with nervous animals. Contact us today to plan your next visit to the Veterinarian.