The holiday season brings joy and celebrations with family and friends. The last thing anyone wants is for our pets to be harmed during this happy time of year. Rather than take a trip to the emergency vet this holiday season, follow these tips to keep your pet safe.

What Holiday Foods and Drinks Are Harmful to My Pet?

holiday hazards for your pet
The holidays are full of tasty treats for humans, but many of them can be harmful to your pet. If you plan to give your pet treats over the holidays, make sure that they are formulated just for them. Some common holiday foods to avoid:
  • Sweets and baked goods- These treats are often too rich for pets, and worse, they are typically sweetened with xylitol. This artificial sweetener is commonly used in baked goods, and chewing gum has been known to cause liver failure and death in dogs.
  • Chocolate- The toxicity of chocolate for dogs and cats can depend on how much they ingest, what type of they ingest, and the size of your pet. In any case, it’s safer to keep chocolate out of reach for your pets.
  • Alcohol- This can be poisonous to pets and can lead to coma or death. Even the smallest amounts can be lethal. A small dog or cat can die from ingesting as little as one ounce of alcohol. Keep in mind alcohol can be used in baked goods, so be sure to keep them away from your pets as well.
  • Bread/Yeast dough- This can cause painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating in pets.
  • Turkey/turkey skin- Even in smaller amounts, pets who ingest turkey or turkey skin can develop pancreatitis.
  • Holiday dinner scraps- Onions, grapes, and raisins can all be poisonous to pets. Table scraps of rich foods such as meat fat, and gravy can result in your dog developing pancreatitis.

What Decorations are Dangerous for My Pet?

 While we love to decorate for the holidays with greenery, Christmas trees, and twinkling lights, without the proper precautions, these decorations can be harmful to your pets.
  • Christmas trees- Your pet could tip over your tree if they try to play with the ornaments or climb up the tree. Take the time to secure the tree with fishing line by tying it to a door frame or the ceiling. You should also avoid adding any aspirin, sugar, or other water additives to the water for your tree.
  • Lights- Electric lights can cause burns to pets who chew up the cords, so be sure they are out of reach of your pet.
  • Ornaments- If broken, ornaments can cause injuries, whereas ingested ornament can be toxic or lead to intestinal blockage. Any ornaments made of salt dough should be placed out of reach of your pets. Tinsel should also be kept away from pets as it can cause intestinal blockages if ingested.
  • Festive flowers and plants- Common festive plants such as mistletoe, balsam, poinsettias, pine, holly, and cedar can all be potentially poisonous to pets if they ingest them. Avoid buying them for the inside of the home or make sure they are out of reach of your pets.
Other items to keep away from pets include:
  • Small toys and batteries
  • Anti-freeze and ice melt
  • Pet sweaters with dangling parts

Have any Questions about Making Your Home Pet Safe?

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