We don’t just treat furry pets—we treat scaly ones too! At the Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro, we enjoy taking care of all kinds of reptiles, including snakes and lizards. While it’s easy to buy these pets, they often require a particular habitat that must be carefully maintained and controlled to prevent injury, sickness, or death.

Veterinary Services for Snakes

Although snakes aren’t usually thought of as a family pet, there are several types, including the ball python and corn snake, that are happy to spend their days in a special habitat. Their environment, which includes the humidity and temperature, must be very carefully controlled. Although snakes can live for a long time, they can contract parasites, mouth rots, respiratory disease, and more conditions that can sicken or even kill your snake. If your snake appears unwell, call us right away.

Veterinary Services for Lizards

The lizard family includes:

·         Bearded Dragons. These lizards are amiable and remain somewhat small compared to some other lizards—less than two feet. They can be trained to be held and are a good companion. They can become constipated or have diarrhea, dehydration, mites, mouth rots, and various eye conditions. If you see a problem with your bearded, call us right away. Some complications can be serious for your pet.

·         Iguanas. An iguana isn’t for everyone. First, this lizard needs lot of fruits and vegetables, and they require a large habitat—a small aquarium won’t work. Add in sunlight, proper humidity, and the tendency to pass along salmonella to humans, and you have a more difficult reptile to care for. We can help you with iguana care.

·         Gecko. These little lizards are popular pets and are a good “beginner” reptile. They’re easy to handle, and some types can live for two decades!

·         Chameleon. These lizards require a particular habitat and diet. Since they only drink water droplets from leaves, they can become dehydrated easily.

·         Horned Lizards. These are great reptile “beginner” pets. If bought from a pet store, they may have parasites and be dehydrated. They can also become anorexic from an imbalanced environment.

The Animal Medical Center of Streetsboro treats reptiles and amphibians of all kinds. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your special pet!